Take Flight Virtual Performance 2021

ESPL (Electronic Sports Pte. Ltd.) Presents: “Take Flight Virtual Performance 2021” in conjunction with National Day Virtual Performance

For 2021’s National Day Performance, our partner Electronic Sports Pte. Ltd. Has recreated a virtual avatar of Ocean Butterflies’ artist Jake Goh in a virtual performance of “Take Flight” where iconic attractions such as the Supertree Grove have been digitally recreated by Electronic Sports Private Limited in a whimsical, futuristic backdrop. The Digital Twin of Gardens By The Bay allows concerts to be held digitally in the new post-Covid normal, where artistes can perform to large audiences without physical limitations.

In this virtual performance, users can “step into” the virtual world and explore the Supertree Grove. The performance features the newly-released Mandarin song Take Flight (再度启航), performed by local artiste Jake Goh (吴家慷). The song, about overcoming difficulties to emerge stronger, is composed by Sun Xueling.