Live Esports Production Workshop

Live Esports Production Workshop

Before the stage is set and the power is switched on, the production guys would have spent hundreds of man-hours to plan and conceptualize an Esports competition.

Switching on a Console or PC is just the easy part. Integrating the game on a big LED screen with full motion graphics, players’ facial expression, the Coach’s roar, and that once-in-a-Lifetime victory moment all into a seamless multi-sensory audio-visual experience is the highest form of art – one that takes many years of skill, stress and sweat to culminate.

Esports has seen exponential growth in recent years but industry experts say this is just the beginning. Despite the COVID-19 Pandemic bringing the MICE industry/Live-Events practically to a halt, media consumption and content creation in esports has not slowed down. 

Defying border control and movement restrictions, new esports-centric content continues to be generated by an ever-growing community of passionate influencers and gamers, aggressively exchanging and consuming esports content across borders from every geography, language, device and platform.  

With the latest mobile gadgets today, creating content can be as easy as opening an app on your phone. However, the overall value and quality of esports production in circulation has also dropped considerably. There is a need to raise the standard and quality of esports production to a higher level so that the esports industry can enjoy more professional-level production and content.  

This will require a concerted effort to train and educate our young esports production enthusiasts in the latest state-of-the-art equipment and techniques in the production of high-quality multi-media esports content. If we can groom and cultivate more talents in the esports production space, the esports community will see a rapid rise in the value and quality of esports production that can eventually match those of traditional sports like F1™ Races and World Cup™ soccer matches.

Together with our industry partners, we warmly welcome you on this exciting quest to elevate the standards and quality of esports production together. 

Mr. Johnny Ong


Esports Entertainment Asia